She looked at her reflection in the water.

She couldn’t remember falling.

Her hands moved with the current.

She motioned to push off and break the surface, but her arms and legs would not respond.

She closed her eyes in concentration.  Let’s try it again.


She wasn’t afraid, or cold, or anything really.

Time seemed to stand still.

She had been wading out in floodwaters, to find her cat; Buddy.

Where was Buddy?

She tried to look around but her head was unresponsive.

A light danced on the water’s surface, and it was so captivating that for the moment, she thought nothing was more beautiful.

The shimmer, turned into a rumble – the water churned and rippled and tossed her body sideways.

Two hands, outstretched – caught her by the shoulders and pulled her upwards.

She lay there, coughing and spluttering as the golden-haired man stood back, shivering with cold – panting with the effort it had taken to pull her from the water.

“Are ye okay, lass?” said the man, through chattering teeth.

“I…. I think so” she said. Having no idea what had just happened.

He knelt down and drew her close, hugging her – until they both stopped shivering.

200 words

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction weekly challenge.

Sunday Photo Fiction – September 10th 2017

Fiction From Photos

Link to my other site’s photo fiction

Oh and on a side note – I left the word document open, after writing three lines …
and my 8 Year old jumped in and wrote his own version of events.  So if you are interested, read on.  I must say, it was a much more interesting response – if a little bloodthirsty.  

She looked at her reflection in the water.

She was looking from the riverbed upwards.

She couldn’t remember falling, but she must have been here for hours.

She didn’t know what had happened to her.

Then she found a book underwater.  It said that the book was made in the 1920’s  and it was called The Dragon’s Blood. 

It had a scary cover with a dragon dying of blood loss.

She went further under the water; it was getting darker.

She slept for 100 years and when she woke up there was no one to be seen.

So she read the book for about 3 hours then the dragon came out of the book when she finished.

She was horrified.  She scrambled to the wet sand and at last she found a weapon under the sand.  It was a silver knife with a sharp blade; she went to attack the dragon.

She shanked it in the heart and it died of blood loss like it had on the cover.

After a little while the ground started to shake.  She stayed under the water and did not want to die, then they duct taped a house and tried fixing the house.  Later she went back to sleep.

She teleported into a garden asylum while sleeping.


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